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Written by  pr0 Friday, 20 November 2015
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I would like to grab the opportunity to welcome everyone to my official dedicated to my work page. 


The main purpose of this page is to gather all the information necessary organised, in one place. Feel free to post in your team's topic (nation/league) or in general to help me gather information to improve my pack and as a result having a fully detailed game . Inside the forum you will find a variety of topics including everything I update into the game.

The structure

First of all is the main category 'Transfers & Data Updates' . You will find the major nations my pack covers all these years sorted by continents . Inside every nation, there are topics (some might be created) for every league,the list of the teams and the changes I made in the specific team. Beside the major nations there is a 'Retired players' sub-category, in which I will be adding all the retired players that are still in the game, while in real life they are retired veterans. Next to the the 'Retired players' , comes the 'National teams' and the 'Rest of ' ' . The first one is for the updates in national teams (manager left/joined etc) and the other one if for all the other nations that are not listed in the major nations. The same attention will be given in every country either it's in the major nations list or in the 'Rest of ' '' (as long as I have the right amount information).


The second category is the 'Other Files' . There you will find all the other files concluded in my pack. 'Agents' , 'Injuries' , 'Promotions/Relegations' and 'Wonderkids'. As long as you find missings/faults, feel free to post and I have them fixed in the next release.


Third category is the 'updatesbypr0.com'. It's the place where you can start your experience, by saying a "Hello" to the forum and to the other members, request something from me or the other moderators/admins and make suggestions about how we can improve this site in general. Also you will notice the 'Help & FAQ', which is the place to find the "Instructions' about how to use correctly all files and the Frequently Asked Questions.


Final there are two categories. First one ('Football Manager 2016') is about the FM16 experience, where you can feel free to start the topic you like and discuss anything about the game. From add-ons and graphics to general stuff from the game you came across. The other one ('General Discussion') is like a spam room. It's an off topic discussion,get to know each other better and feel more confident inside the forum.


We would love to see you supporting our efforts, and visit often the forum.


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